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Accepting E-Commerce Payments

Internet Merchant Processing Gateways and Virtual Terminals

Merchant Data Systems' Gateway Solutions Suite offers the industry's leading stand-alone Internet Payment Gateways supporting electronic Credit, Check and Cash payments over the Internet. Chose one of our certified PCI-compliant Gateway or Virtual Terminal solutions to ensure the safe processing of e-commerce transactions over the Internet and the detailed information you need to manage your business.

Merchant Data Systems offers the merchant community confidence and efficiency along with a choice of dial-up, broadband, leased line or Internet based (IP) connections. Our internet gateway solution suite includes proprietary interfaces as well as leading industry "off the shelf" software and gateway products. Working as a Partner in Processing, Merchant Data Systems ensures connectivity with virtually any POS device anywhere in the United States. Merchants can safely process electronic payment transactions through our powerful, PCI-DSS certified Gateway Solutions.

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Credit Card Processing

Merchants can accept and process all major credit card transactions on-line in "real time" including Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover, American Express®, Diner's Club®, Carte Blanch® and JCB Cards. Additional Security features are built in to all Card-Not- Present payment acceptance processing solutions ensuring reliable, safe and cost-effective processing of payment cards on the web. Merchant Data Systems can payment-enable a merchant web site creating increases sales, revenues and profits for our Partners in Processing.

Check And ACH Payments

In addition to credit cards, merchants can securely and easily accept and process check payments electronically in "real time" via the Merchant Data Systems Internet Check Acceptance Service. This service includes the TeleCheck® Warranty and TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance® (ECA®) services to provide a secure and easy way for on-line merchants to accept check payments. This real-time approval and payment solution can improve operational efficiencies and increases revenue by offering stronger fraud protection, quick funding and low-cost integration.

Here's How it Works

A consumer places an order on your Web site and chooses to pay by check. Customers enter their checking account information in a browser window or fields integrated into your payment page. The encrypted payment data is transmitted via a secure e-commerce processing service. The information is cross-referenced against our extensive negative and positive databases and sends a response code in seconds. Your site gives a real-time response to the consumer to complete the transaction.

Funds are transferred directly from your customers' checking accounts to your business account. The check is processed as an electronic transaction through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and funds merchant accounts generally within two business days.

The Merchant Data Systems Internet Acceptance service is offered as both a verification and warranty solution. Merchant Data Systems makes Check Acceptance over the Internet as easy as accepting a credit card.`

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