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Merchant ISO Program

Let us roll out the red carpet for you! We offer our sales partners a comprehensive ISO program rich in payments products, solution-focused customer support, competitive pricing, prompt and accurate residual payments, same day merchant approvals, merchant cash advances and much more!

Merchant Data Systems' program provides a variety of functions and tools for you to market and sell, without having to concentrate on back office functions. Let us take care of the day-to-day operations so you can focus on selling. Get the benefits of the Merchant Data Systems DIRECT PROGRAM today!

Merchant Data Systems' ISO/Agent Partners in Processing Program offers you:

  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • Customized Deal Structure to meet your needs
  • No Minimums, No Penalties.
  • Accurate, Detailed Residual Payments via Proprietary Residual Software delivered on time, every time.
  • Innovative Merchant Cash Advance Programs including New Merchant Advances.
  • Residual Vesting from Day 1
  • 24/7 in-house World Class Customer Support
  • Residual Buyout Programs
  • Same Day Credit Approvals
  • Same Day Implementations Available
  • Easy to navigate Agent Portal loaded with Support Materials
  • Online “writable” Merchant Application
  • Automated Merchant Status updates via eMail to Agents
  • Ongoing Monthly Training Opportunities
  • Dedicated Relationship Management
  • Industry-leading Technical Support
  • Tier 2 Program for High Risk Accounts
  • Bank Program Support
  • Affordable Equipment and Software Options
  • Favorable Lease Program
  • Proprietary Gift Card Program
  • Proprietary Gateway and Virtual terminal
  • Access to Decision Makers
  • Prompt Responses from Industry Veterans
  • Merchant-friendly PCI Programs

We know what it takes to sign a merchant account as well as grow a portfolio, which is why we give our ISO's the VIP treatment from day one. We invite you to Partner with us and experience the difference! For more information about joining Merchant Data Systems' ISO/Agent program, please call 1-800-BIZNESS (1-800 249-6377) or send us your contact information so our Sales Team can contact you immediately.

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Merchant Data Systems Partners in Processing

Merchant Account Processing - Cash Revenue

Merchant Data Systems has Partnering Programs that range from forming JV's to Residual Buyout Programs tailored to fit your specific needs.Whether you are an ISO already working with us, or an ISO in need of cash to grow your business, or you simply want to take some cash off the table, we have the solution for you.

We will pay immediate cash for your merchant portfolio, and we can close this transaction very quickly. Our residual buy-back programs enable you to take cash off the table at your convenience according to your needs and desires.

Merchant Data Systems M &A Partner Program

Our new and exciting acquisition model provides our Partners with Cash and a continuing ownership role. Partners can take cash off the table while Merchant Data Systems forms a JV and issues stock to Partners staying in the business. We enable ISO owners to realize the best of both worlds - cash and continuing ownership roles with salary and dividends. ISO owners can cash out a percentage of their portfolio or company's valuation and receive stock for the balance of the valuation. The cash and stock percentages are flexible depending upon ISO needs. Premium partners enjoy Venture Pricing and Merchant Data Systems solutions to ensure on-going sales success, merchant retention and enhanced profitability. ISO's choosing to partner with Merchant Data Systems enjoy an on-going business partnership that produces stock dividends for its owners as well as continued funding of business operations including salaries and office expenses.

Whether you are a boutique ISO, a single agent or a large office with many agents, Merchant Data Systems has a real Cash-Generating Partner program that protects your income stream and assists in building a business structure for the future. We will look at any size portfolio, whether its 250 or 25,000 accounts. Already have an offer? Let us take a look at it and explain how our program stacks up line for line. We are confident you will be more than intrigued. You don't want to sell without reviewing your option to realize your dreams and aspirations with the Premier Partnering program in the industry.

If you are interested in getting the best value for your hard work creating a merchant portfolio, call our M&A Division now at 1-800-BIZNESS (249-6377), ext. 204 or email us at

Financial Institution Programs

Agent Banks are an integral part of Merchant Data Systems' Partners in Processing program. Our Financial Institution program assists bank locations and our Partners’ support of bank programs to ensure a viable and competitive merchant service option for their commercial banking customers. Merchant Data Systems offers a merchant service program that is seamlessly integrated into the banks' operations.

Merchant Data Systems support is customizable depending upon Financial Institution preference. We can provide each branch location with co-branded marketing materials and a simple process to refer or sell merchant relationships. Merchant Data Systems understands the specific needs of Independent Sales Organizations, Banks, S&L's, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions that handle complex and private financial transactions and can assemble a winning program that complements a bank culture while creating new, non-interest income.

ISO Agents

A dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to each Financial Institution relationship to serve as the direct link to the Bank and Merchant Data Systems and detailed MIS reporting is available. Bank merchants receive Merchant Data Systems world class, real-time, live customer experience creating increased loyalty, revenue and DDA relationships for the bank.

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