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Women's ready to wear stores can be a challenging venture, whether they are brick and mortar or online entities. For starters, ready-to-wear is a retail enterprise, and therefore the most important factor is receiving payment from the customers. Sure, merchandising, customer service, and marketing efforts to get the potential customers in the proverbial door are all important pieces in retail as well, but convenient payment methods for those customers to take advantage of their interest in an item is an absolutely essential part of the entire retail profit picture.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Retail Merchants, along with eating establishments, continue to make up a good sized portion of the U.S. economy and are the biggest users of credit card machines nationwide. To all of these businesses, a merchant account can be an invaluable tool, or weapon as it were, in the retail wars. He who is the best equipped to streamline the customer experience wins. It's just that simple. When retailers provide better options for customers to utilize when paying for merchandise, they can greatly multiply their current client base and consequently bring in more sales. An online merchant account can accomplish the same thing for enterprising web retailers. A payment gateway allows retailers to effortlessly accept credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards in payment for merchandise at a minimal cost.

The first step for any retailer, whether a shopkeeper or the owner of a Women's ready to wear stores website, is to research credit card processing companies in order to make it possible to accept credit cards for any sale. One of the main considerations in choosing between all of the many credit card processing companies would be the options and services that they offer and pricing. Currently, one of the better companies technologically, as well as price-wise, that offers credit card merchant accounts is Merchant Data Systems (MDS). They offer a wealth of convenient and innovative services, such as:

  • POS Equipment Leasing and Sales
  • Payment Processing
  • Charity Processing
  • Check processing services, where funds are guaranteed regardless of availability in the issuer's account
  • Check-by-phone program for mail, fax or phone orders, including check guarantee
  • Check By Net for secure online check payments using cyber checks
  • AMEX, Discover, MasterCardŽ, VisaŽ, Diners Club acceptance
  • Equipment that is compatible with all major POS systems
  • Immediate approval of application
  • Competitive rates
  • Internet and E-Commerce solutions
  • E-commerce hosting and web design
  • Secure and encrypted processing
  • Mobile SEO solutions
  • E-commerce Shopping Cart set-up
  • Mobile payment acceptance for smartphones
  • Merchant Payroll options

Allowing merchants to:

  • Provide a convenient payment gateway for customers to pay immediately and with continued ease of use
  • Improve retention of clients and increase customer sales figures
  • Offer safe, secure, and convenient payment alternatives to customers

Another area where Women's ready to wear stores find themselves in need of immediate help is something that a credit card merchant account is perfect for; and sometimes retailers aren't even aware of whether their processor is among the credit card processing companies that provide it. This service is called Merchant Cash Advance and it is actually offered by MDS as well. Retailers of women's clothing and accessories are hard-pressed on a daily basis to keep up with the ever-shifting fashion trends and the changing seasons, creating a need for liquidity to purchase new and up-to-date merchandise.

Many retailers have recently discovered that their credit card machines are almost as good as a printing press for money. Based upon their credit card merchant account volume, retailers can acquire a cash advance for any purpose they choose. A cash advance from a credit card processing company is not a bank loan nor a line of credit, but is simply an investment in the future of a business by the processor. They advance the funds to a merchant and it is paid back with a minimal fixed percentage of the credit card transactions for a given period of time. The cash advance decision is not based upon credit history or income, but just on credit card volume, making it much easier to qualify for than a conventional business loan or line of credit. In addition, a Merchant Account cash advance is much quicker and can usually be set up within a matter of days, not weeks or months like bank loans.

Some common uses for a Merchant Account Cash Advance are:

  • Inventory Purchasing
  • Equipment Purchasing
  • Renovations
  • Business Expansion
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Tax Payments

Of course, everyone knows that the future of credit cards lies in mobile credit card processing. Wireless mobile credit card processing offers merchants the ability to function in locations such as sporting events, fairs, or job-sites, a process than can be of great value to any merchant. This can be accomplished by using new wireless terminals or even smartphones for added convenience and flexibility.

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