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Veterinary services - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

Veterinary services are a flourishing field of medicine today. With technology and specialization advancing, pets are given the chance for optimal living by getting the treatment they need. But is your veterinary clinic really keeping up with the latest technology? If you still use traditional payment methods to procure income, then your organization is most likely outdated. Nowadays, check deposits and cash on hand aren't the only means to receive money. A faster and more convenient method is through credit card processing.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Credit card transactions are becoming increasingly popular as society further enters the age of technology. There are many benefits of being able to accept credit cards as payments for your veterinary services. Sadly, most business owners and company executives fail to realize it. Being able to receive payments through credit cards will help ascertain prompt and guaranteed payments that can be transferred into your account hassle and labor-free. You will never have to hunt down non-paying clients and collect overdue payments, which were a common scenario in the past. With access to stable funds, your vet business will be able to expand in an effortless and fast manner.

So where can you avail a merchant processing account from? Merchant Data Systems is an elite firm for professional merchant services. Established in 1997, MDS quickly grew as a reputable and trusted name in its respective service field. This is all thanks to the founding principles of MDS in rendering excellent services as well as devotion to continuous innovation and superiority with both the company's sales affiliates and merchant clients. MDS carries years of experience, all of which have been a positive and successful journey.

What services does Merchant Data Systems provide? MDS stands proud behind their cutting-edge products and remarkable services. This full-service payment processing firm imparts a diverse range of services fit for all business kinds and market segments, such as eCommerce, retail, restaurants, mail and phone orders, and veterinary clinics. Some of the products and services offered by MDS include credit card machines, credit card terminals, electronic account settlements, check assurance, Point-of-Sale integration, equipment leasing, and merchant cash advances. To give you a clearer perspective of what MDS can do for you, here is a detailed overview of their services.

Credit Card Processing

MDS' unequaled experience and expertise allows the firm to program any software that accepts credit cards. Using one of nine front-end transaction processing systems, MDS can interact with any software, hardware or emphasize on POS integration. Such service is uncommon since the standard in the market is to operate exclusively with a single system which unfortunately restricts the client's capacity to opt for the most ideal network for verification, capture, and settlement. By working with MDS, merchants are able to personalize their payment processing software to match their business' specific needs and goals.

Credit Card Transaction Equipment

MDS carries innovative credit card processing tools and equipment for veterinary clinics and relevant businesses. MDS stands behind its products with confidence and provides lifetime warranties on different hardware terminals. It serves the company's complete interests and fulfills their principles if your veterinary business is fully functional at all times. To ensure this goal is met, MDS provides the highest quality hardware and software, supported by the most robust warranties accessible to merchants.

Mobile Payment Processing

You can transact credit cards in two different means - either through your computer or mobile phone via a virtual terminal. MDS works in partnership with ROAMpay to offer both options to merchants thus yielding broader options and opportunities to make profit. Mobile solutions from MDS work on hundreds of phones and throughout all major carriers. ROAMpay's mobile solutions are fully compliant and secured. You won't have to worry about the security of your payments sent via mobile.

Shopping Cart Software

Further increase brand awareness, online presence, and consumer loyalty with Merchant Data Systems' Shopping Cart feature. If your veterinary business operates a website, which it should, a shopping cart feature will be very useful, especially if you offer a diversity of services and products for pets.

Payroll And Invoicing Solutions

Merchant Data Systems can help you manage finances more efficiently with their premium invoicing and payroll solutions. By passing on the responsibilities to MDS, vets can spare significant time and effort from processing invoices and managing their payrolls.

Merchant Data Systems is also lauded for its competitive, complete, and cutting-edge ISO/MSP agent courses. MDS personalizes a scheme specifically designed to guarantee client satisfaction, competitive rates and a long-term sales affiliation.

MDS' Cash Advance Programs

If your vet business needs to expand or purchase start-up equipment and supplies, MDS' cash advance program is perfect for you. MDS implements the lowest interest rates, so that your vet business can leap into action fast and easy, eventually leading to optimal growth and success.

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