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The economic downturn has created great opportunities for USED ONLY Automobile and Truck Dealers to grow and expand into many new markets nationally. It has led people to reassess the way they spend their money. Many have come to the conclusion that used cars and trucks are a better value than new ones. However many used only automobile and truck dealers realize in order to serve this growing market they need the ability to accept credit cards, receive additional merchant services, and access to a wide variety of other merchant services.

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Merchant Data Systems (MDS) has stepped into the breach to provide used car and truck dealers with the technological support they need to succeed. MDS is willing and able to provide those businesses with a range of vital merchant services including credit card terminals, access to credit card processing companies, merchant cash advances, and payroll solutions. This is exciting news because it not only affects the used car and truck dealers, but the customers they serve as well. When used car and truck dealers are able to expand into new markets, the automobile buying public is the ultimate winner.

One way these used vehicle dealers have been able to expand their reach while keeping expenses low is by creating e-commerce sites where buyers can do almost anything but test drive the vehicles. Some have hosted used automobile fairs and other events which bring the vehicles to the people. MDS has helped to facilitate these events by giving the dealers the ability to handle mobile credit card processing, POS integration, and invoicing solutions. As a result, sales have increased and it has been a win-win for both the dealers and the buying public.

Dealers that offer customers the ability to shop for used cars and trucks online have also received support from MDS which has directly impacted their bottom line. Through the technical services MDS offers, many used vehicle dealers have been able to set up easy to use e-commerce sites complete with shopping carts to make buying used vehicles online easier. For many of these dealers and their customers, MDS has been a godsend. By providing the used vehicle dealers with credit card machines, online merchant accounts, and other payment gateways they have made the process of buying a used vehicle quicker and easier.

Credit card processing and access to merchant accounts have been particularly helpful. For people suffering through the worst economic downturn since the Depression, finding ways to finance their purchases can be tough. With merchant accounts and merchant cash advances, dealers are in a position to offer alternative financing options. For a person who needs a vehicle to get to work and take care of their family, being able to use their credit cards to make payments can mean the difference between keeping their job and family afloat and family destroying failure.

MDS has long been committed to providing businesses with access to vital technologies to allow them to not only survive but thrive. This commitment to helping businesses of all sizes reach their potential has made MDS a valuable and trusted friend to the businesses they serve. For used car and truck dealers, the support MDS offers could not have come at a better time. There is a unique, lucrative opportunities in the marketplace right now for companies selling used vehicles. However, in order for businesses to take full advantage of it, they need access to technologies which allow them to be creative with their financing options and their ability to take the deals to the people who need them most.

By supporting used car and truck dealers with mobile credit card processing, access to credit card processing companies, and merchant cash advances MDS helps them to expand and provide badly needed employment opportunities. Building and expanding a business today can be simple if you have the right type of technology at your fingertips. By providing used only automobile and truck dealers with the POS integration, e-commerce websites, and the ability to accept credit cards along with a host of other new and emerging technological innovations which can be used to improve marketing and sales efforts, MDS is facilitating the growth of American business.

In addition to credit card terminals, POS integration, and online merchant accounts, MDS also provides businesses with access to the next generation of payment processing technology. These include Real Time POS inventory management, electronic checks, and more. They can even enhance these businesses' ability to make better use of the internet by becoming virtual merchants, adding a shopping cart to their website, or enabling them to handle wireless processing and mobile payment acceptance with smartphones.

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