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Snowmobile dealers understand that one of the most important aspects of their business has to be the ability to quickly and efficiently perform credit card transactions for their customers. Their ability to accept credit card payments could be the difference between getting a sale and losing one. Having a merchant account with Merchant Data Systems (MDS) provides snowmobile dealers with a vast array of credit card processing options.

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What sets MDS a part from most other credit card processing companies it their ability to program virtually any system that accepts credit cards. By using one of nine front end processing networks, MDS can communicate with any software, hardware or complex point of sale (POS) system. This enables them to design the best software to meet each customer's unique needs. An online merchant account with can open up a world of business solutions to any snowmobile dealer.

Customers who use the merchant services offered by MDS are able to get the latest and most modern credit card machines available. The carry both the Verifone and Hypercom brands of credit card terminals.

MDS offers a Merchant Data Gateway, which is a payment gateway that enables merchants with the ability to take electronic and credit card payments over an Internet Protocol (IP) connection as well as their Web site. This system is designed to make it as easy as possible for merchants to process credit card payments over the internet. MDS offers merchants a choice of broadband; dial-up, leased line or Internet base (IP) connections. Their gateway solutions have standard software and gateway products as well as proprietary interfaces.

Since e-commerce is a valuable part of doing business today, MDS offers its customers all the tools necessary to succeed. Merchants can choose from four different certified PCI-compliant Virtual or Gateway Terminal possibilities and each provide secure processing of e-commerce transactions from their online shopping cart. MDS accepts and processes all major credit card transactions from such companies as MasterCard, Visa, Diner's Club, American Express, etc. They also provide their merchants with the ability to process electronic check payments in real time. The MDS Internet Check Acceptance Service comes with the TeleCheck Warranty. It enables the real-time payment approval solution that can result in an increase of a company's operational efficiency.

Today business no longer needs to be stationary to make a sale. That is why MDS offers merchants the most advanced Mobile Credit Card Processing. With their ROAMpay service merchants can take credit card payments with the use of hundreds of mobile phones, not just an iPhone. It also works with all major cell phone carriers. It is extremely safe to use as all customer data taken during the sale is encrypted before it leaves the cell phone. None of the customer's personal data is retained on the cell phone.

During these difficult economic times MDS also offers a program called Money for Merchants, which offers a merchant cash advance that can be paid back from future credit card payments. Customers of MDS are able to use this program to purchase supplies, pay taxes or for payroll solutions and invoicing solutions.

MDS supports the most used point of sale (POS) systems from such companies as Aloha, IcVerify, Micros and Verifone. It provides POS integration with the vast majority of other third party POS providers currently used by most merchants. Since MDS is able to support multiple POS options they are able to address any unique POS needs of any merchant.

MDS offers its merchants lifetime equipment warranties on a many of the POS hardware options they provide. They recognize that it is in the best interest of MDS and the merchant if the business is fully operational all the time. MDS provides its merchants with the most advanced software and hardware available. They also stand behind their products with the best warranty programs that can be offered to merchants.

MDS also offers payroll solutions with a program called Merchant Payroll. It is designed to help merchants have a secure, efficient and cost effective way to run their payroll. Two of the largest companies in the payroll industry are utilized. Merchants can feel confident their employment data is processed correctly with all necessary confidentiality maintained.

MDS also offers merchants the ability to use a variety of insurance products such as health insurance, life insurance, simple IRA plans as well as disability insurance.

Today there is enough pressure on a merchant when it comes to running a business they don't need to worry about credit card transactions. MDS provides merchants with a variety of safe, secure and proven products that make electronic card, credit card, mobile credit card processing, payroll issues etc. an efficient aspect of a their business.

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