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Restaurants - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

The restaurant business is challenging, and Merchant Data Systems (MDS) offers full-service merchant solutions to help eateries of all sizes succeed.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Accounting Solutions For Eateries

Eating establishments contend with high staff turnover and irregular working hours. MDS offers payroll solutions that accurately process payrolls that vary from week to week. Employees can also enjoy options such as health insurance and simple IRAs as well as the peace of mind that their data is secure.

MDS even offers invoicing solutions to help businesses better manage their accounts receivable.

Merchant Processing Benefits For Restaurants

Eateries are brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on in-person credit card processing. Their credit card terminals need to support Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, Diners Club and JCB Acceptance at rates that a small business can afford. MDS offers a Merchant Account that literally fits the bill and is compatible with all major POS systems.

Many customers also call or fax food orders, or order via website, and wish to pay by credit card. Unlike many Credit Card Processing Companies, MDS supports multiple Credit Card Machines and networks.

Money For Merchants

New restaurants invest heavily in capital equipment and rely on daily supplies in order to serve their clientele. It can be hard to keep enough cash reserves to anticipate every emergency from kitchen equipment failure to vendor shortages. This is where the MDS Money for Merchants program can help. The program's Cash Advance feature gives a merchant cash advance against future credit card receipts. If the eatery already has a sales track record, the FASTCASH option provides advances against projected monthly sales.

E-Commerce Solutions For Restaurants

Once the domain of pizzerias, many eating places are using e-commerce to offer services. They must maintain a successful website and accurately process online transactions. MDS offers a complete service solution that includes card authorization settlement and shopping cart hosting with POS integration and mobile capability. Now, almost any business can have an Online merchant account and realize the benefits of online sales.

MDS offers their turnkey Gateway Solutions Suite to fully support POS Integration and process Internet payments so busy waitstaff doesn't have to. PCI-compliant payment gateway and virtual terminal options support credit and debit payments. While many eateries have accepted cash or card only, MDS real-time processing gives them the option of processing electronic checks. The business is credited the payment, and the customer appreciates the convenience.

Food In The Field

Mobile customer payment processing from MDS gives food businesses the freedom to Accept Credit Cards wherever hungry customers are found.

Wireless Processing

Food service is often provided at various locations from street fairs to sporting events. MDS wireless processing allows vendors to process in-person card payments using the venue's wireless network. Where once mobile vendors were limited to cash-only transactions, MDS wireless processing lets the vendor accept card payments simply and securely almost anywhere.

ROAMPay Mobile Credit Card Processing

Chefs gain exposure by selling at various venues and need to take customer payments on the fly. Many event visitors expect to pay with cards rather than cash. They can literally have their cake, thanks to the MDS ROAMPay solution that accepts a mobile payment over wireless terminals and smartphones. The vendor can process payments from a mobile phone such as the iPhone 4 or Android. The vendor connects the ROAMPay swiper to a mobile phone and accesses a secure login from which to process payment and email a receipt.

MDS ROAMPay validates transactions almost instantly on hundreds of the most popular mobile phones and over all major carriers. The busiest eating spot can rest assured that ROAMPay is secure and fully PCI-compliant.

Recipe For The Future

Now that even neighborhood diners are using POS processing and Internet commerce, they need a merchant partner who knows the future. MDS offers the next generation in virtual merchant services, electronic check processing, and Real-Time POS inventory management. MDS also gives its clients choice over the network they use, supporting nine networks instead of just one as most providers do. Clients can count on MDS supporting the latest standards such as HTML5 and consumer technologies such as Android and Apple smartphones. Whether a five-star club or a local diner, MDS helps the hospitality industry put the future on the table today.

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