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Despite the constant talk of the modern workplace evolving into a "paperless office," the fact is that stationery and office supplies are as much in demand as they were a generation ago. Companies are always printing things to post on their bulletin boards, and so they need to have printing paper; and people who want to be able to jot down notes in a hurry need writing paper. Inevitably, businesses that sell office supplies and equipment (assuming, of course, that they are successful businesses) will be continually receiving orders, some of them very large, and these orders will be paid, in the majority of cases, by credit card- which is, after all, the most commonly used method of payment in the United States and other industrialized nations. (Debit cards are widely used too; they are commonly preferred, as the balance after a transaction is instantly available. Of course, that also leaves less time to report theft of the card. All the machines described below will accept both kinds of cards).

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Given the widespread use of credit cards for purchases, it is only natural that there should be companies that specialize in making it easier for merchants to accept credit cards from customers. Such economic entities are in existence, among which the most eminent is Merchant Data Systems (MDS), which has been helping merchants with their credit card processing since 1997 (about the same age, incidentally, as the Web as we know it has been around) and headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida.

MDS has a variety of payroll solutions, invoicing solutions, and other wonderful things for companies of all types. Since they gear their merchant services to the different kinds of companies they serve (e. g., fraud protection and installment billing databases for mail and telephone order businesses; web design, eCommerce hosting, and secure processing for Internet companies), those that sell office equipment will surely find that MDS can find a special way of accommodating them.

Besides POS integration and other solutions, MDS also sells various credit card terminals, which can only be bought by those with an account at the company (information on how to set up such an account is given later). These include five types of credit card machines, of which two are the simpler Verifone and the more sophisticated Hypercom.

Mobile payment is fast becoming a popular means of conducting business transactions "on the go;" it, too, has been made easier with a half-moon shaped device called ROAMpay, which has a slit in the middle for sliding the card through and a piece for inserting it into the user's smartphone (it can be used with iPhone, Blackberry, or Bluetooth). To begin using the device, one has to first download the ROAMdata app for it. No additional hardware is needed.

The ROAMpay card reader is used as follows. Let us suppose that John Beachwood, a salesman in a major office supply company in Golden Valley, Minnesota, is seated on a park bench reading a paper when somebody comes up to him, credit card in hand, stating that he would like a supply of ten staplers, six reams of paper, nine boxes of butterfly paper clips, and a set of ink cartridges. Mr. Beachwood always carries his catalog with him so he can string up all the prices, plus S & H costs. He then takes out his Blackberry, logs onto the app with his secure credentials, selects "Credit card sale" from the seven-item menu that appears, enters the total amount of his customer's shopping cart, hits "Next" and "Swipe," and slides the card through the reader, with the stripe facing the front. The customer's card information appears on the screen, in truncated form (it is erased as soon as the transaction is complete, for security purposes). Mr. Beachwood hits "Next", types in some personal notes, and asks the buyer if he would like to have a receipt emailed to him. The customer says yes, so Mr. Beachwood checks the square, types in the correct email address, and sends it. Authorization takes place in seconds.

Merchant processing also includes payment gateways, such as First Data, that serves as middlemen between buyer and payment processor.

To set up an account with MDS, the applicant need only give their personal name (business names are optional), email address, and phone number. Applications are almost always accepted immediately. The person who has successfully set up such an account may receive a merchant cash advance-that is, MDS provides him with a lump sump payment in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of his credit or debit card sales.

MDS has also announced an intention to merge with another company and make SEO (search engine optimization) part of its services, too.

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