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Paint And Wallpaper Stores - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

Merchant Data Systems is a merchant service company that is continuously expanding their capabilities to help vendors of Paint & Wallpaper Stores with their credit card processing. As an effort to provide the best service possible to their customers, they are always increasing and escalating current services and forming partnerships to ensure the needs of their customers can be met.

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MDS wants to grow their business to include interior parts of the United States. They put a great deal of resources into developing their online influence. When considering using Merchant Data Systems for credit card processing needs, here are some additional highlights that can help in the selections:

Mobile SEO, as well as eCommerce Shopping Cart systems, is normal parts of the paint and wallpaper businesses. Most merchants choose online websites to market to a larger audience. Merchant Data Systems has the aptitude to be far beyond their competitors in the online technology arena. Not only can they provide their customers eCommerce options, but their customers can ensure that their transactions are meeting all processing requirements for safe transactions. The merchant will know that they have received payments by the enhanced notification system that MDS provides. Credit card transactions are processed at the end of each day and the merchant can have funds in their account within 2-3 business days.

Unlike other merchant companies, MDS has an extensive list of services that they offer to their customer, they include:

  • All Credit Card Payment Processing
  • Charity Processing
  • Point Of Sale Equipment Sales and Rentals
  • Cash Advances For Merchants
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Debit Card Processing
  • Equipment Funding
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Payroll Program Options
  • Check Processing Electronically
  • Invoicing Solutions

The ability to accept credit cards as payment options will only strengthen a company's revenue. Many shoppers will not shop at stores that do not allow them to use their credit cards. While most businesses need credit card terminals, mobile payment options are becoming increasingly popular. Customers with smartphones are utilizing its mobile payment options. This ground-breaking new technology uses a cellular phone to pay for purchases. Sound difficult? Think again. The customer just slides their card through a credit card reader attached to the cell phone and the money is quickly deducted from their account. The accounts are pre-programed by the user and this makes for fast payment methods and quick moving lines. While this may sound bizarre to some paint and wallpaper stores, offering the most innovative ways to pay gives a merchant an advantage on their competitors.

No one has ever thought of credit card machines as a merchant cash advance terminal, but it is true. Along with merchant processing, FAST CASH is a program that MDS has engineered to help merchants who might be experiencing cash flow problems. Getting money when you need it is another way that Merchant Data Systems helps their customers. Every business has cash flow problems at one time or another. To be able to make payroll and cover other expenses sometimes help is needed. Cash advanced are just a phone call away with MDS. They will take the amount of usual credit card payments and loan money based on this amount. The money will then be repaid at a later date from the credit card funds. Being able to get the cash needed immediately is a feature that makes MDS a leader in their industry.

It is easy to spot merchants that are behind the times these days. Old fashioned registers have given way to new advanced POS systems. These systems have the ability to integrate with all computers and easily provide invoicing services. Gone are the days of doing payments manually through a credit card terminal. Today's machines using POS integration can get the customer in and out quickly and the cashier can process payments from the side of their register. Working together with MDS, a merchant can give their customers exactly the service they expect.

Merchant services from MDS can provide many things from electronic check funding to payroll processing. Payroll has always been an area that businesses hate to deal with. Having to file quarterly taxes and make tax deposits makes bookkeepers apprehensive. Since these funds are withdrawn from a person's paycheck, there is little room for error. Teaming up with payroll giants, Merchant Data Systems can offer payroll solutions and can handle all of a merchant's payroll needs.

Merchant processing allows merchant to offer better services to their customers. There are many merchants that will provide help with processing credit cards, but few go to the lengths that MDS does to ensure their customers have all their needs met. Whether a merchant prefers the old-fashioned credit card terminals or they want a complete POS integration that makes their lives easier, MDS can deliver. They offer rental equipment or financing on new equipment. There is never a need for a company to be behind the times when there is Merchant Data Systems.

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