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Motorcycle Dealers - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

Advanced technology means revolutionary ways that are fast and efficient to assist motorcycle dealers to accept credit cards. Through merchant services, dealers can set up a merchant account and have access to mobile credit card processing. Credit card processing has never been easier with an online merchant account that acts as a payment gateway. It is cutting costs for motorcycle dealers and credit card processing companies, a win-win situation for all involved. Merchant Data Systems has made it their business to help others in perfecting their business through advanced payment methods that are fast, safe and efficient.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

In the past, dealers would be confined to credit card machines and credit card terminals. Timing might not have always worked or location. For the dealer doing a trade show or set up at a car show, using a credit card machine could be a real hassle. Today, with e-commerce and the electronic age, people want instant gratification and merchant services can help dealers to make that happen. It can mean increased sales for the dealer and happy customers, a must in this competitive time.

In addition to payment alternatives, Merchant Data Systems offers comprehensive services that include merchant cash advance and payroll solutions. Streamlining every aspect of the financial end of a business and being organized can save clients money which will then be passed on to the consumer. Merchant Data Systems is there every step of the way from managing payments from customers to taking care of paying the staff with excellent methods of record keeping. Invoicing solutions are also offered to target that aspect of the day to day procedures that must run smoothly for a successful business.

Merchant Data Systems knows how important it is to have versatility. A motorcycle dealer, in the same way as any kind of business, needs to be able to deal with a broad range of customers and methods of payment. POS integration is a must, making a business compatible with all systems, allowing dealers to accept various types of credit cards and have instant application approval as well as processing of payments. Telephone and mail orders can be handled as well with fraud detection in place to protect the business. One can not forget check services. There are still those individuals who do not believe in using a credit card. There is no need to turn away a check when Merchant Data Systems makes it possible to convert a check to an electronic transaction.

Online sales and e-commerce is becoming the fastest growing sector in the market today. People love the convenience of shopping on the web without ever having to leave home or work. They can be sitting in a restaurant and order their new motorcycle while using their smart phone. Merchant Data Systems has the capacity to set up shopping cart systems in an online store that is secure and encrypted. The company can even assist in web design to create an inviting site that is easy to navigate.

One of the greatest resources offered by Merchant Data Systems is giving merchants the flexibility of accepting payments over various mobile devices. With the combination of wireless terminals and smartphones, dealers are finding it easier to make that extra sale. This is especially useful when at a convention or large trade show. The deal can be made with the click of a button on the mobile device rather than having a need for a computer or credit card machine. When those calls come in after hours and the business owner is not at the shop, the deal can still happen. Immediacy can make all the difference for that impulse buy.

Merchant Data Systems offers clients a host of services to make their business more effective. Equipment financing, including POS equipment sales and leasing, are only added features that are useful for merchants in any business. Charity processing is another benefit offered by Merchant Data Systems. It is all about helping a business, from the motorcycle dealer to the restaurant owner, to find convenient and simple ways to reach a broader customer base. Making payment methods speedy and reliable is also vital and Merchant Data Systems will keep the flow of transactions moving in an organized fashion. Investing in all that Merchant Data Systems has to offer is a win-win situation.

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