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POS Options and E-Commerce Solutions for Hardware Stores

Trends suggest that in just two short years, e-commerce will surpass conventional retail options in total market sales. Making use of the e-commerce solutions and powerful POS integration options that MDS has to offer can ensure that your hardware store is positioned to take advantage of the ways customers shop and interact with merchants. Invoicing solutions that make use of mobile credit card processing, customers who have an existing merchant account with your store and even through use of an online payment gateway you can ensure that your store is able to enjoy new business opportunities as well as the chance to supply your customers with a more convenient and versatile shopping experience.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

New Ways to Accept Credit Cards

Credit card machines that are able to process payment by swiping a physical card have long been established within the POS environment. Smartphones and other mobile devices are poised to create nothing short of a revolution in credit card processing. Linking such a device to the customers financial account through a suitable mobile application allows them to make credit card purchases with merchants that are equipped to accept them without the need of credit card terminals to do so.

Lacking the means to accept such payments from your customers may find them seeking a hardware store that will be able to accommodate their preferred method of payment, meaning that your store may suffer a loss of business should you fail to keep with the times. Offering your customers the chance to enjoy superior merchant services when making any hardware purchase will keep your business competitive, and in a position to make use of new technologies and features. Giving your customers the best possible experience during the point of sale process is an important way to ensure that shopping with your store has left them satisfied.

Advantages of Superior Online Integration

Giving your customers an easier way to purchase the hardware, tools and building supplies they are in need of can make shopping at your store a more attractive option for them, ensuring that your business is able to draw upon a wider and more robust customer base. Tighter integration between your point of sale procedure and the established features of shopping online, such as the chance to browse inventory selection and add it to an online shopping cart, will ensure that your business is able to make the most out of any expanded opportunities. By making use of the features and services MDS has to offer, you can enjoy greater communication with online customers, credit card processing companies and the physical point of sale process within your store, giving you a more flexible and seamless shopping experience to offer your customers.

Additional services that can augment your existing payroll solutions mean that the advantages you will enjoy do not have to stop at the sales counter. More effective organization and easier access to other aspects of your business model will be possible as well. Adding such features to your existing efforts allows for any hardware store to enjoy a full range of modern and sophisticated advantages when it comes to any aspect of running your business and interacting with your customers.

Additional Advantages for Merchants and Retailers

An online merchant account can be the key to more successful integration of both the physical and digital aspects of your business. Being able to make use of such features as a merchant cash advance and mobile credit card processing will give you expended flexibility when it comes to serving your customers. POS integration of these services ensure that your customers will benefit from greater convenience while at the same time allowing you to make use of more effective invoicing solutions, giving your access to the information you need for greater oversight and organization.

If your equipment and existing point of sale options are not what they need to be in order to offer your customers the best possible experience, taking action now would be the wise thing to do. Waiting longer than you have to may leave you without the means to make use of the business opportunities that present themselves. With access to all the services Merchant Data Systems has to offer, your business can enjoy many advantages.

Superior Services and Payment Options Available to Hardware Stores

Tighter integration your companies online sales features such as your payment gateway and online merchant services and with the expanded flexibility offered through mobile credit card processing hardware stores are able to find the advantages they need to stay successful. Ensuring that your customers are fully satisfied with their shopping experiences may not be possible when you lack the most effective services to offer them. Better solutions are available to you, and by making use of them, your store can enjoy continued success.

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