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Food Stores And Specialty Markets - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

Food stores and specialty markets, like most retail establishments, rely on merchant services companies for credit card processing. However, as the needs of food stores and specialty markets are evolving, so are the merchant services companies. One such company is Merchant Data Systems. It is a merchant service company that offers extensive services from in-store payment options to eCommerce.

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Merchant Data Systems (MDS) can easily meet the basic card processing needs of food stores and specialty markets. They are able to process credit cards, debit cards, and checks. The electronic processing of checks allows merchants to receive the funds immediately, as well as eliminates the need to physically go to the bank to deposit checks. The elimination of this task frees up valuable time while taking the risk out of accepting personal checks in the store. It also streamlines employee training since accepting the check is handled the same as card processing.

An important thing to note about MDS is that it is compatible with a store's existing POS systems. This means that if a company already has credit card machines it may not be necessary to switch to new machines. MDS can set up custom software to work with the existing system. This POS integration is somewhat unique, as many merchant services companies only work with one specific network. A store that does not have POS equipment can either purchase it or lease the equipment from MDS. The store can decide which option best fits its needs. It is important to note that they offer lifetime equipment warranties on a variety of POS systems.

Another way MDS enhances a store's ability to accept credit cards is the way it allows credit card processing to occur beyond the standard credit card terminals. Mobile credit card processing is a technology that is becoming very important as people rely more on their smartphones. Consider a market that sells specialty products taking part in a trade show. The owner can make sales at the show and process credit cards directly from a cell phone. Customers may not be familiar with making purchases this way as it is one of the newer ways to accept credit cards. They can be assured that mobile credit card processing is certified by the Payment Card Industry and no information is able to be retained on the owner's phone.

In addition to mobile credit card processing is an online payment gateway that can process payments through a business's website. As eCommerce increases, some in the food sale industry may consider adding online sales. It is important that one's current credit card processing company can meet these online needs. An online merchant account is capable of adding a shopping cart feature that shows buyers what they are purchasing. With MDS offering in store payment processing, mobile processing, and payment gateways online, they are able to meet the many needs of businesses in this industry in a single, cost-effective way.

MDS differentiates itself from other credit card processing companies by the extra services it has available to its customers. One of the extra services that many in this industry will find beneficial is the merchant cash advance option. This is available to established businesses as well as new businesses just getting off the ground. Merchant cash advance is part of the MDS Money for Merchants program. It works by looking at the merchant account records to see the previous amount that the store has taken in by credit card. Based on those numbers merchants are eligible for merchant cash advances. The money can be very helpful in paying bills, buying needed supplies, or for payroll. Any money received through this program will be repaid to MDS through future credit card transactions. New businesses are eligible to receive money by using projected sales figures to determine a reasonable cash advance.

Clients of MDS can also participate in its payroll solutions. This is an additional service that can be added by any MDS business customer. The benefits of allowing professional payroll companies to handle payroll services include one less task for the store owner, increased efficiency of payroll, guaranteed confidentiality and accuracy, and the opportunity to bundle in insurances that are part of the payroll industry. Payroll solutions are available to further streamline the processing of store funds.

Invoicing solutions is similar to the payroll solutions in that it is another beneficial service that MDS offers its business clients. MDS works to consider the many different ways food retailers receive and spend funds. By offering services that assist in the multiple ways its clients handle their business funds MDS is able to reduce the daily tasks associated with running these businesses.

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