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Owning a floral shop provides many benefits to business owners. Not only are florist surrounded by beautiful flowers throughout the day, but they are in the business of making their customers happy. Since a large part of the floral business is based on customer satisfaction, designing solutions to meet their needs is necessary. In many cases this boils down to processing flower orders quickly and efficiently.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Florists are able to meet the needs of their customers through a physical store, online eCommerce store, and through personal floral deliveries. However, designing a comprehensive system to meet customer requirements through these vehicles can be difficult without access to the right resources. With the services of Merchant Data Systems, florist have access to several solutions to stream line the process of providing excellent service to customers. Floral shop owners are able to design a merchant services package based on the needs of their business. The services available include processing payments from credit card terminals, wireless devices, and cash advances. Each of these options provides a small business with the tools they need to maintain their everyday business operations.

Having a dependable credit card terminal on hand is one of the primary solutions to processing payments fast and efficiently. With an easy to use credit card processing terminal run by Merchant Data Gateway, merchants are able to focus on their customers. The credit card machines are designed to be used as an everyday POS Integration system. There is no need to worry about connecting to the device and the accuracy of the equipment. Easily accept credit cards and debit card transactions for customers with cards from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa. The service is available to businesses with a broadband, wireless, or dial up connection. The software also provides merchants invoicing solutions for their business. Payments processed through the gateway can be integrated with QuickBooks, to improve the accuracy of a business's accounting records.

Mobile Payment Options for Faster Delivery

Another unique options available to business owners include the ability to accept mobile payments, improve accuracy of payment processing by accepting payments at the point of delivery, settle outstanding accounts in a shorter period of time, and minimize unpaid balances. This provides customers additional flexibility instead of having to pay over the phone or on the internet. Florists have the option to process the payments on the phone or the internet. With this innovative technology, merchants are able to have real time data on their transactions. The payments are processed within a short period of time and applied to a customer's account.

Mobile credit card processing is available with ROAMpay. The gateway allows florist to connect to a virtual terminal on their computer or cell phone. The device is compatible to hundreds of cell phone devices from a variety of carriers. The payments processed on cell phones are secure and encrypted prior to leaving the phone. In addition, the device clears all of the customer's personal information from the phone.

Expand to an Online Store

Providing customers with the ability to pay online is another solution to increasing the efficiency of a floral shop. With Merchant Data Systems, florists are provided with a comprehensive package to build an online store. The package includes hosting, website design, secure and encrypted payments, shopping carts, and access to multiple software programs. Floral shops are able to incorporate their online store with their brick and mortar location. Customers are able to order their flowers online for pick up and delivery. In addition, an eCommerce store can be utilized as a marketing tool to attract additional customers.

The eCommerce package provides customers several payment options. Customers are able to pay by credit card, debit card, and check. With an online purchasing system, real time check processing is available to merchants. Each payment is verified through the Check by Net for approval. As a result, florist will no longer have to worry about bounced or returned checks. The payments are approved in real time to confirm the validity of the check.

Day to Day Solutions for a Floral Shop

Merchant services are not only limited to processing payments. Having access to cash during times of emergency is also important. The funds from a merchant cash advance can be used to meet payroll demands, buy florists' supplies, or to pay for nursery stock. Florists have the option of incorporating a cash advance system into their business to meet those needs. The FASTCASH system provides merchants access to additional cash based on their monthly sales. The cash is paid back with the proceeds from future receivables.

Another benefit to having access to a quality merchant processing service provider is the ability to incorporate a payroll service. Merchant Data Systems provides payroll solutions to meet the needs of their employees. The payments are process accurately and on time for your business. In addition, merchants are able to incorporate life insurance, disability, and insurance payments into the payroll services.

The services provided by Merchant Data Systems provide owners of floral shops a comprehensive solution to meeting the needs of their business. Having access to a quality payment system will help business owners avoid additional problems. Whether the floral shop is a new or established business, there are a variety of products that will improve payment processing through Merchant Data Systems.

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