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Merchant Data Systems is one of the biggest and best merchant service companies not only in America but globally. They are branching out their target market to help Drug Proprietors and Druggist Sundries with their credit card processing needs. As a valued leader in the industry, MDS often teams up with other companies to offer their merchants the best services available. MDS has one goal and that is to help their merchants with all of their electronic processing needs.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

MDS is expanding their merchant services to the interior parts of the United States in an effort to reach drug companies. Using their joint efforts and expansion plans, they are branching out into new and exciting arenas. Merchants looking for just credit card terminals will be surprised by all they have to offer, MDS can do credit cards and so much more.

Here is a list of services they currently offer:

  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Credit Cards and Debit Card Processing
  • Wireless Processing for Sports Events
  • Equipment Rental and Sales
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • In House Financing For New Equipment
  • Loyal Customer Programs
  • Payroll Solutions
  • Invoicing Solutions

It is estimated that by the year 2014, the purchases being made with computers and cellular phones will surpass all money made from retail storefronts. Because of this online forecast, MDS is ready to help their valued merchants update their SEO and Ecommerce Shopping Carts. Prescription drug companies that sell online can greatly benefit from this assistance. The more the online business increase, the more the merchant needs to be ready. Safety is another concern when making a plethora of online transaction. MDS is compliant with all regulations regarding online transactions. Processing credit cards online is easy when a merchant like MDS is standing behind the company. The merchant needs to do nothing, MDS will supply reports and the money will be in the select bank account within a couple days.

Customer convenience is the core of MDS' business. Most customers prefer to use plastic as opposed to cash. Having the right merchant services could potentially save a great deal of money on monthly processing fees. Credit card terminals are just a small part of what MDS can do, the lower fees and processing schedule is what is important. MDS strives to be the best in the business and to offer their merchant fair processing fees.

Everyone has a cellphone and more than 80 percent are smartphones. These phones are mini computers that can do so many things. Most cellphones are Apple or Android and have TML5 which allows them to be used as mobile payment devised. The next wave of technology is already taking place and merchants need to keep up with it. The customers can simply tap their phone in front of a reader, which will deduct the funds from a designated account. Businesses that are using online payment options with shopping cart systems need to update and be able to step up to the next level of technology. MDS is ready to ensure that all merchants are using state-of-the-art equipment and ready to meet the demands of their customers.

Merchant processing is more than the ability to accept credit cards, there are so many other things that MDS offers. POS integration allows customers to link all networking systems and also to use accept credit cards right from their computers. Rather than having credit card terminals taking up needed space, there are many other options. It is important to integrate all systems. It helps to track funding and to ensure the most accurate records. If a merchant does not have a POS system that can be integrated, MDS can help with financing and purchasing a system.

There are times when companies need to have wireless processing. Whether it is at a sporting event, the fair, or a charitable function, the need to process credit cards is essential even away from the office. While this may not be for the purchasing of prescription drugs, there are many other times that the need to have this kind of service can come in handing. A card holder may not be present, but their credit card can still be debited and the funds deposited to the merchant's account.

While credit card machines are one of the things that MDS focuses on, it is just a tiny piece of the larger scale of services provided. MDS can help with electronic check processing, merchant cash advances, payroll solutions, and much, much more. How does a company like MDS get to be such a merchant giant, by offering their customers more than just credit card processing but many other office solutions? It is easy to find a merchant processing company, but it is not easy to find one with the integrity and customer service that can be found at Merchant Data Systems.

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