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When you are a car dealer or a truck dealer, you need as many options available for selling your product. It doesn't matter if you specialize as a used car dealer or a brand new truck dealer, the more ways individuals are able to buy products from you the better off they are and the more sales you are going to make. When it comes to your business, it all comes down to the bottom line, and without a strong bottom line, other individuals and businesses are going to overtake you and the services you're able to provide them. All of this starts off with the point of sales integration into your system. POS integration for short, this is the way you monitor all the sales you are making, what time sales are taking place, what vehicle is selling the quickest, and even what time of the month someone is more likely to purchase a particular vehicle form you. Of course, POS integration is more than just how many vehicles you sell, but also how you actually sell the vehicle, as there is more than just the in person method for selling vehicles.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

For starters, whenever you make a sale, the service goes directly through to your merchant account. With the merchant account, you can monitor every sale made in your business, what car is sold, who sells the vehicle, and how it is purchased. When it comes to how the vehicle is purchased, it is important to accept credit cards. Although you don't normally associate credit cards with buying and selling vehicles, there are certain unlimited credit cards that allow a wealthier individual to buy a vehicle right there on the spot. If you are not able to accept credit cards, they might just go to a different dealership and spend the money elsewhere. Of course, when you accept this form of payment, you do need credit card machines. These credit card machines are available for free form credit card processing companies. When the credit card processing companies find out you want to use their services, they give you the equipment for free, or at very worst, take out the amount the equipment costs from your first monthly statement, so you never actually have to pay for the equipment.

There are times when you want to be able to sell vehicles on the go. Someone might be interested in a particular vehicle, but not be inside your dealership. You don't want the potential sale to leave, which is why mobile credit card processing is so vital. Mobile credit card processing works in conduction with a smartphone or tablet and an installed application. The mobile credit card processing than sends the information through a payment gateway and directly back to the service account, which allows you to monitor where every sale originates. You can perform credit card processing anywhere, as long as there is an Internet signal to send the data through the payment gateway.

Outside of mobile payments, you want to accept payments online, as some people might purchase a vehicle directly through your website. This is connected to your online merchant account, and when someone uses credit card terminals online, the online merchant account receives the payment. Online credit card terminals work just like in person machines, only the individual inputs the information over the Internet and sends it to your company. When someone is looking to buy the vehicle online, they simply add it to their online shopping cart on the e-commerce website and make the purchase. The payment information is then directed back to your merchant account, just like all other payments made in your business.

Other merchant services are available through the point of sales system for your business, including merchant cash advance, if you ever need money for your business and are not able to take out a loan in time. There is also payroll solutions, as the POS system monitors who works, who makes the sales, and who is bringing in the most business. This way, not only are you able to watch everyone's hours, but provide the necessary bonuses, all depending on how well someone is doing inside the business.

With the POS system integrated into your company, you also have invoicing solutions. Invoicing solutions allows you to see how many vehicles you have left in stock, if you need to contact the manufacturer and bring in more, if you need to hold off because one particular vehicle is not selling, what color of the vehicle is best, and any other feature you might need. The invoicing solutions makes it easier to stay on top of your company and make the necessary decisions as to what vehicles must be brought in and what kind of cars work best for your business.

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