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When people think of candy stores and confectionary stores, they think of chocolate, sweets, and the kinds of delicious goodness that can transport even the deepest cynic back to their innocence. As the owner or operator of a candy, confectionary, or nut store, seeing the smiles on the faces of your customers is important, which is why having a reliable merchant services provider in your corner is crucial.

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Founded in 1997, Merchant Data Systems quickly became a leader in the merchant services industry through its dedicated focus to providing state of the art technology and merchant-centric solutions to its clients. By remaining committed to first class customer support, competitive rates, and customizable plans, MDS has been able to build unique relationships across the country, all while maintaining an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Merchant Data Systems recognizes that while every industry, and each individual business, faces its own unique challenges, some things always remain the same. With that in mind, MDS is proud to provide a variety of different options to help you spend less time doing the books and more time in the kitchen doing what you love. From innovative payroll solutions to invoicing solutions and even merchant cash advance, MDS is dedicated to going above and beyond for its merchant clients.

Still, in today's world, running a successful business practically begins and ends with the ability to accept credit cards. Merchant Data Systems recognizes that effective, affordable credit card processing is likely to be at the center of your store's needs. By utilizing its standing among credit card processing companies, MDS has been able to develop the kinds of relationships whose benefits it can pass on to you.

In addition to fostering long-standing relationships with all of the major credit card companies, Merchant Data Systems has learned from years of experience that the importance of providing only the best credit card machines and credit card terminals is vital to merchant and customer happiness. As such, MDS is proud to work with many of the best point-of-sale system providers, including Verifone, Micros, Alhoha, and IcVerify, in order to give its merchants simple and effective POS integration solutions.

As a candy, nut or confectionery store, your brick and mortar location is likely the heart of your business. Yet studies have shown that, as soon as 2014, Mobile and Online Purchases will have surpassed retail purchases. For many traditional retail stores, building a sustainable business now means establishing an online merchant account, and Merchant Data Systems is prepared to help your candy store meet the evolving demands of the economy.

Utilizing an array of e-commerce solutions, MDS can help your company develop a payment gateway that works for you and your customers. Merchant Data System's Gateway Solution Suite supports a variety of payment forms including credit, check, and even cash payments online. Whether you use dial-up, broadband, leased line, or IP connections, MDS gives you and your customers the safety and security you need through PCI-DSS certified Gateway Solutions.

Of course, like every aspect of Merchant Data Systems, our e-commerce solutions have been designed with the merchant in mind. Not only will you be able to accept payments through your website, shopping cart, or virtual terminal, you will also have the ability to utilize industry standard plug-ins like Quickbooks as well.

To make things even easier, MDS now allows you even more ways to get your tasty treats into the bellies of your customers, by offering variety of mobile payment and wireless payment solutions. You operate a company that deals in flavor, and Merchant Data Systems understands how important it is to have the freedom to take your delicious creations to the people.

Street fairs and sidewalk door busters no longer need to be constrained by the restrictions of cash or the uncertainness of checks. Giving merchants the ability to process Credit Card transactions over wireless networks means opening up your business to the 70% of consumers who have used their credit card in the last month alone.

Unlike other merchant services providers, Merchant Data Systems hasn't stopped with simply developing an industry leading wireless payment solution. Instead, MDS has already recognized that the evolving market is giving smartphone users more and more freedoms. Recognizing that HTML5 is used by 80% of the smartphone market, Merchant Data Systems has been able to tailor mobile credit card processing solutions that will let you keep pace with demands of your customers.

Merchant Data Systems recognizes that as a candy, confectionary, or nut storeowner or operator, it is part of your job to bring a smile to your customers' faces. With their continued efforts to bring the most effective, safe, and secure options to your merchant account, MDS believes it is their job to bring a smile to yours.

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