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Are you running a wholesale bakery? Or perhaps a business selling wholesale bakery supplies and equipment? If you operate within this respective market, you are most likely working with multiple clients, right? This said, it can be challenging to keep up with different payments, especially if you are using outdated methods of collection. Merchant Data Systems offers a quick and easy fix for these situations by helping bakeries acquire payments in a faster, simpler and more convenient approach.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Founded in 1997, Merchant Data Systems is an elite payment processing provider and partner for outstanding business solutions worldwide. The company has helped thousands of business clients in different market segments including bakeries. The variety of services offered by Merchant Data Systems assist bakeries in so many ways, including simplifying payment processing and enabling the bakery to provide services to a more extensive array of clients thus yielding optimized profit.

So what can you expect from working with MDS? The main point of having a merchant account with MDS is to be able to accept credit cards from your clients. Payment through credit cards is now becoming a mainstream practice of purchase for society. As more and more clients use it to buy stuff, it isn't uncommon to encounter clients who are paying through credit cards. If you have no means of accommodating this method of payment, you risk losing a valued portion of clients and thousands of dollars worth of income.

Through MDS' high-end merchant services, different businesses and market segments can accept credit cards, including retail and restaurants, mail and telephone orders, Internet or e-commerce, etc. MDS delivers a more competent and efficient service compared with other credit card processing companies. Their comprehensive suite of services are so diverse that any business size or type can find what they need at MDS.

Now, what specifically does MDS offer? Yes, we've mentioned a couple of times about their award-winning and globally lauded credit card processing services, but what else do they offer? Aside from cutting-edge credit card terminals and credit card machines, Merchant Data Systems caters to mobile credit card processing, which is quickly gaining footing on its respective turf.

MDS is able to render mobile credit card processing plus virtual terminals through their strong alliance with ROAMpay. The program turns any ordinary phone into a mobile Point-of-Sales device, which works on hundreds of mobile phones and throughout all major carriers. All connections comply with the most robust standards in payment security and is rendered completely secure and fully compliant. All consumer information is encrypted before it leaves your mobile phone.

Payment gateways are also one of the many fortes of MDS. The company holds Merchant Data Gateway, First Data Global Gateway and other gateways and IP connectivity. MDS is also proud to introduce their partnerships with leading gateway providers so that clients can accept credit cards and electronic checks via the web or across an Internet Protocol address. Through availing these services, your business can complete transactions from any online-ready computer, grant transaction capacities to any amount of users, and schedule recurring billings.

By opening an online merchant account from MDS, you can also seek finance management services including payroll solutions, invoicing solutions and POS integration. MDS employs well-experienced and certified staff to manage business-related tasks for your bakery so that you can allocate your time and attention towards more important business responsibilities. Point of Sales integration from MDS are made accessible to merchants and are derived from MDS' partnerships with leading POS companies including Verifone, Micros, Aloha and other third party POS companies. MDS has the versatility of having multiple Point of Sales options effortlessly supported within the firm's architecture.

MDS also helps starting small enterprises in financing the tools they need through equipment leasing and merchant cash advance solutions. The interest rates are extremely economical and flexible, so that your business will be able to expand and succeed in no time.

To add up to credit cards, merchants can safely and effortlessly accept and process check premiums via electronic methods in real-time through MDS' Internet Check Acceptance service. This service line involves the TeleCheck Electronic Check Acceptance and TeleCheck Warranty services to offer a safe and effortless means for web-based enterprises to accommodate payments via check deposit.

For online merchants, you can also use MDS' expertise in shopping cart integration. Nowadays, shopping cart software is staple for any digitally-driven enterprise. If you want your bakery to succeed, a shopping cart software on your website can be of tremendous help on doing so. This service from MDS will be able to attract and compel more potential clients into your business thus optimizing sales and profit.

Overall, MDS offers premier merchant solutions and state-of-the-art credit card processing tools you will need to run your bakery. The company has developed a strong service suite that combines all your service needs and demands under one roof.

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