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For business owners, worrying about making a profit is hard enough without having to worry about using reliable payment processing equipment and services. Merchant Data Systems (MDS) provides full service payment processing and is consistently adding more convenient ways for customers to pay with the advancement of technology. MDS sets itself apart from other credit card processing companies and is a great service for many venues including automotive tire stores. Some services include credit card processing, payroll solutions, eCommerce, credit card machines, merchant accounts, merchant cash advances, and invoicing solutions. Not only does MDS provide an array of merchant services, but MDS also tries to keep costs low. Business owners can have confidence in MDS's payment acceptance tools which provide the ability to connect to any merchant, anywhere, at any time with virtually any form of payment. MDS has a proven track record of paying on time with accuracy and promptness every time.

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MDS can provide such reliable services due to its alliances that allow secure payment with the most advanced technology. One such alliance includes Karma Snack. Karma Snack is a top of the line internet marketing company that specializes in aiding businesses with their online presence. Karma Snack works around the clock creating mobile applications, designing websites, and specializes in social media, TV, radio, gaming and video, and Search Engine Optimization marketing (both web and mobile). This team up between MDS and Karma Snack will expand MDS's online reach and capabilities. MDS also has online merchant accounts, online shopping carts, and accepts credit cards via mobile credit card processing. This alliance provides merchants with two teams available twenty four hours a day and the best credit card processing programs which helps to make businesses more competitive.

Considering MDS' eCommerce solutions is important for businesses today because the expanse of online purchases is growing more every year and will soon over take traditional retail purchases. MDS provides easy online shopping cart setup with POS integration and mobile accessibility which most major businesses use. Mobile payment processing may be an unfamiliar new form of technology, but MDS provides real time POS inventory management systems to make mobile sales easily accessible and easy to track. MDS also provides electronic check processing, virtual merchant processing, and wireless payment processing where credit cards are accepted using wireless credit card terminals and smart phones.

All of MDS' tools are certified PCI-compliant payment gateways or virtual terminals for eCommerce. MDS can connect to any POS device in the US and works with any internet speed. Credit cards that MDS process include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, Carte Blanch, and JCB cards. The "real time" online check acceptance tool MDS offers uses TeleCheck Warranty and TeleCheck Electronic Check services for security and fraud protection. The online check processing works like this: when a customer pays by check on a merchant's website, they fill out their checking account information on a check out payment page. This data is then encrypted in code and securely transmitted to MDS. The data is then cross referenced at MDS with positive and negative databases. Based on the result of the cross reference a coded message is sent back to the merchant's website in seconds and the customer is prompted to finish their transaction. Once the transaction is completed, payment is then transferred from the customer's checking account directly to the merchant's business account.

MDS' alliances enable it to program any system that accepts credit cards. Nine different software processing networks are used by MDS which can communicate with any sale system. Merchants can choose the best software for their needs. These networks MDS works with provide merchants with the options of online merchant terminals, a terminal merchant club, online merchant payment gateways, high quality mobile solutions, point of sale solutions (POS), merchant software solutions, merchant communications solutions, and equipment warranty programs. MDS uses state of the art equipment and stands behind the quality of its equipment and services which will keep businesses operational at all times. Gateways MDS offers include a merchant data gateway and first data global gateway. The benefit of the global gateway is that it is internet based and requires no installation. Its use is as simple as logging in and accepting payments. Mobile credit card processing utilizes RoamPay which allows merchants to process credit cards via computer or cell phone with no additional hardware required. RoamPay also has the ability to work on hundreds of different mobile phones across all major phone service providers and is not limited to just the iPhone. Multiple POS options are available to merchants that are easily supported by MDS. Merchant communications include wireless, dial or TCP or IP. Warranties are lifetime for the best hardware and software available to merchants.

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