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Automobile Supply Stores - Start Accepting Credit Cards - Merchant Services

Automobile supply stores are now facing the hard reality that they need to integrate a more efficient alternative for payment transactions. Traditional payment methods like in-person transactions or depositing checks have seem more and more inconvenient and unsafe with the emergence of the latest cashless methods.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Credit cards are now the mainstream form of credit for a considerable portion of the consumer population. Everywhere you look, there is a consumer rolling with a credit card and ready to purchase something with it. As an automobile supply store owner, you should act immediately and make sure you have the means to accept credit cards from clients otherwise suffer loss of profit over time.

You can work with credit card processing companies and set up an online merchant account to get started. But which one do you choose as your long-term partner and service provider? Looking into details and researching thoroughly is a must if you want to find and choose a company that is well worth your troubles and costs. Why not try Merchant Data Systems?

Merchant Data Systems is full-service credit card processing company built with the fundamentals of providing outstanding services and unparalleled dedication to innovation and excellence with both merchant clients and sales affiliates. Established in 1997, Merchant Data Systems has fortified a comprehensive range of services for all business sectors and sizes. Our services include debit and credit card processing, POS integration, merchant cash advances, electronic account settlement and check conversion, invoicing and payroll solutions, and a variety of loyalty programs and gift cards.

You can trust MDS to manage both your payment processing and financial needs. The company offers these solutions across the entire US, enabling you and other businesses to get the services they need and want. Aside from auto supply stores, MDS also works with other business clients including restaurants, retail stores, mail and phone orders, petroleum, e-commerce, and further on.

Services Offered:

Credit card terminals

Equipment including credit card terminals and credit card machines are vital components to payment processing solutions. You can get high-end hardware options by working with Merchant Data Systems. You also get the added benefit of lifetime warranties on different hardware systems and the best warranty programs accessible to merchants.

Merchant data gateway and First Data Global gateway. By working with MDS, you get the option of choosing between the two payment gateway options in which you can start accepting credit cards and automated check payments.

Mobile credit card processing

Any mobile phone today can be used as a means to purchase something in an instant. For auto supply store owners, such as yourself, you can also begin accepting payments via mobile for a faster and more efficient manner. Mobile credit card processing offered by MDS is empowered further by our partnership with ROAMpay. You can process credit cards in two ways - either using your computer or your mobile phone alongside a virtual terminal. This is a rare feature to access since other payment processing companies only allow one of the two options. Yet with MDS' partnership with ROAMpay, you get access to both options. ROAMpay complies with the highest protocols possible when it comes to security of transactions.

Point-of-Sales integration

MDS supports primary point of sales systems from leading firms like Aloha and Verifone. You can also access the experience and expertise of other third party POS providers that are presently available to merchant clients.

Shopping cart integration

By signing up for a merchant account with Merchant Data Systems, your e-commerce endeavors are optimized. You can boast your very own shopping cart software within your website and make it more professional and convenient for your clients to shop around for auto supplies.

Payroll and invoicing solutions

Paying your staff and other business expenses incurred every month can be a grueling and time-consuming process. You can allocate these responsibilities to MDS, so you can spare both time and effort from these hassling activities.

Equipment leasing

Every automobile supply store needs funding to be able to start operations and pursue its intended goals and objectives. If you need start-up money to purchase equipment and supplies or for a business expansion project that will increase productivity of operations, Merchant Data Systems is a good choice to consider.

Customer support

Any consumer wants to have immediate assistance whenever they need it. It is a hallmark of professional companies and a must-have for elite service providers. You can expect to gain the most responsive, competent, and friendly customer support service by working with MDS. The company's support staff is made accessible 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and all yearlong. This maximizes lines of communications and ensures smooth transition of services and overall client loyalty and retention. For professional merchant services, be it commerce or e-commerce, consult with Merchant Data Systems and our continuously expanding empire of business-class services.

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