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MDS has reached a new milestone in the journey of providing state-of-the-art merchant services. After being functional in many internal parts of the US, MDS has now stepped in the West Virginia merchant services industry.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

MDS' entrance to West Virginia is the part of its expansion plan to the internal parts of the US. Recently, MDS has almost doubled its the capabilities and offerings. These capabilities and offerings will open the new doors to a lot of new possibilities for West Virginia merchants. MDS is providing the merchants with almost all the facilities that can enable them to accept transaction payments easily and effectively. Most common services offered by MDS include: Merchant Account, Mobile Credit Card Processing, Credit Card Machines, Credit Card Merchant Account, Online merchant account, and payment gateway.

In 1997, Merchant Data Systems was founded aiming that the company will deliver excellent customer service to both sales partners and merchant clients. The company provides full service processing that includes credit and debit card processing, EBT, POS Equipment Sales & Leasing, Check acceptance, Equipment financing, Merchant cash advances, loyalty programs, proprietary gift card, and many other solutions like merchant-friendly PCI DSS compliance. Industry-leading payroll programs are also offered to the customers.

Merchant Data Systems now not only provides marketing services to its customers, but it is also offering financial services that help in the growth of all types of businesses whether small or large. There are many credit card processing companies in the market. However, there is no rival to MDS' unique and innovative credit card processing system. MDS has made mobile SEO and eCommerce shopping cart very easy and reachable for its clients and customers. MDS' payment gateway supports electronic credit, check, and cash payments. Its unique and reliable credit card processing system enables the merchants to accept credit cards and process transactions of all major credit cards. MDS is also offering the best mobile credit card processing solutions for the online merchants. It can communicate with any type of hardware or software. The MDS system supports a vast majority of third party softwares.

Merchant Data Systems offers all types of payment processing solutions to its client merchants. MDS gives its customers freedom and peace of mind about the payments. They just have to think about the services they provide and the sales, but with MDS they do not have to worry about the payments. Their customers can pay anytime and in any way they like. MDS can connect to any merchant throughout the United States anytime and anywhere. Those who have a merchant account with MDS just make sure to sell their product and processing the payments is on MDS, because MDS gives its clients freedom to accept any form of payment including all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, electronic checks, and gift cards.

MDS also offers solutions of proven technology including an innovative touch-screen design to help you streamline fuel and retail with POS integration and solution with settings that meet your needs. The company's POS payment can customize a POS integration solution. The MDS has merchant software solutions that support existing software that are available in using wireless network to process payments with state-of-the-art terminals. With MDS specializing in integrated POS payment processing to streamline business operations, it is a great solution for seamless and easy business-management.

The accounts from MDS also has easy payroll solutions which are efficient and secure as they offer a wider range of products that enable you to better manage employee payments and corporate spending. These include incentive and reward card programs of corporations and companies. The merchant payroll solution at MDS is an affordable way to process payroll, life and health insurance, pay and track IRA or 401K payments, pay payroll taxes, and more. Moreover, MDS offers payroll solutions for any sizes of business, whether it's big or small. Their programs are innovative in keeping track of work hours since it is now available via mobile phone and computers as long as you have Internet. This easier tracking and access prove to be valuable to all customers in West Virginia.

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