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Merchant Data Systems is a nationwide leader in merchant processing and merchant services and is now expanding its capabilities in Texas. Along with bringing the cost effective payment processing solutions that have become part of the company's calling card, MDS is also proud to be entering the Lone Star State as holder of an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Since its start in 1997, Merchant Data Systems has developed a strong reputation as a leader in outstanding customer service, technical innovation, and excellence.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Whether your company is a small start up or expanding business with multiple locations, at some point you are going to need the ability to process payments. Merchant Data Systems delivers a full-service payment processing experience to its merchants, giving them the ability to accept credit cards, set up payment gateways for online merchant accounts, enable mobile credit card processing, and more.

As a business owner in Texas, you have choices when it comes to credit card processing companies, and Merchant Data Systems is committed to proving that they deserve your credit card merchant account. In addition to competitive rates, MDS is constantly striving to go above and beyond the options offered by ordinary merchant services providers. MDS knows how important it is for you to be able to accept whatever form of payment your customer wishes to make, be it Electronic Benefits Transfer, check acceptance, fleet, gift, or debit car.

Of course, with almost 70% of consumers using their credit card on a monthly basis, your Texas business needs to be able to focus on where the money is coming from. Merchant Data Systems has spent years listening to the needs of its customers to develop the best point-to-point credit card processing solutions available. These years of listening mean MDS has put itself in position to build lasting relationships with all of the top credit card companies as well as the top point-of-sale providers.

For the traditional business owner, dependability and ease of use go hand in hand with providing excellent customer service. With that in mind, Merchant Data Systems has built relationships with point of sale system providers like Verifone, Micros, Alhoha, and IcVerify to ensure that you are getting only the latest in technology and the best in available credit card machines and credit card terminals.

What happens if you do not operate a traditional business though? What if you or your employees are out in the field and do not have access to a traditional POS system? What if your company is web based? Not to worry, Merchant Data Systems' long held commitment to innovation has you covered there as well.

By remaining at the forefront of next generation payment processing technologies, MDS is dedicated to making as sure that you and your customers have options available. Recently, MDS has developed a payment gateway that can be used to accept credit card payments through a merchant's website, shopping cart, or through virtual terminals over the internet.

This merchant-centric experience has been designed to provide your Texas business with the ability compete on a world-wide level, simply with the touch of a button. Even better, not only does this give your customers a quick and secure eCommerce experience, it also gives you the ability to utilize industry standard plug-ins like Quickbooks.

After developing industry leading POS systems and online integration for your Texas merchant services account, other companies might have stopped. Not Merchant Data Systems. In an effort to create effective payment solutions for as many industries as possible MDS now offers a variety of mobile payment and wireless payment solutions.

As a result, MDS' ability to process credit card transactions over these wireless and mobile networks has become a crucial asset to all those merchant accounts that operate from non-traditional locations. The oil field services operator can now take payments on-site, without the frustration and delay often associated with the bane of accounts receivable- "the check is in the mail."

Likewise, whether you are operate a hot dog cart in downtown San Antonio or are a vendor at the annual Texas State Fair, Merchant Data Systems is committed to bringing you the advantage you need to make the sale. This doesn't simply mean wireless terminals anymore either. Did you know that 80% of smartphones utilize HTML5? MDS did, and that is why they have secured the technology to read HTML5, giving you the ability to accept credit card payments using little more than the smartphone itself.

Whether you own a brick and mortar retailer in Odessa or an oil field services company working the Eastern Texas Oil Field, Merchant Data Systems understands that while you need flexibility and dependability from your merchant services provider, you also need a provider that understands the unique challenges facing your business. MDS is excited to meet those challenges.

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