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From the Grand Canyon down to Tucson, Arizona has always been a great place for business ventures. Our venture MSSEO is to help you with yours. Arizona merchant services just got better for those that have been struggling with credit card collection and online business. Our new multi service company uses new technology to make a lot of the mundane issues of business our problem, allowing you to concentrate on the creativity, selling and managing of what you do best.

Start Accepting Credit Cards

Merchant Data Services and Karma Shack have gotten together to form a new approach to some of businesses' biggest challenges. This joint venture actively uses the innovations in mobile technology, internet marketing, social networking and business financial services in a combined effort to provide businesses with a multi faceted merchant oriented service. Independently each of these companies has won prestigious awards for performance and service. Both companies feel that being highly focused on American business and offering the highest level of creativity, technology and professionalism helps merchants and other business throughout Arizona and the rest of the US.

Whether a company's marketing strategy is local, national, or worldwide, MSSEO can provide the services they need most. Starting with the most important business function of all, collecting money. Whether you are a gas station, a restaurant or an online merchant we have the services you will need to make your money collection more convenient and more dependable. At our core, credit card machines that accept all credit cards and the network to transmit funds from any bank in the world to your account is the purpose of Merchant Data Services. The basic service they started was an innovation in and of itself, in the fact that they use up to ten payment networks to transfer payments. From this high powered start they were able succeed in a very competitive market against other credit card processing companies by providing very competitive rates, and award winning 24 hr merchant services. They excelled in convenience for card users as well, with great cash back options and more versatility with purchase amount approval.

As time went on and MDS was able to partner with other companies their services grew to include merchant payday loans, with is a great feature for those that have a hard time getting loans due to being self employed, as well as business venture financing to include everything from business equipment and agricultural machines to start-up capital.

Clients are in control with their merchant account which gives them a payment gateway. This online merchant account is the nerve center of most of our customer features. It runs our mobile apps for transactions on the go as well as provides an interface with your bookkeeping software like quickbooks. The credit card merchant account has the versatility to run POS tellers at vending machines and gas payment stations to taking credit cards online.

Sales people can eliminate buyer's remorse with the use of the ROAM pay mobile device. It allows for credit card purchases to be taken and completed out in the field. For salespersons this goes a long way toward maintaining a good close rate. This mobile app can also be coordinated with your home or office PC on our payment gateway so if mobile credit card processing is unusual for you can easily coordinate it with all your other revenues.

The Karma Snack contribution to this joint venture is everything to do with marketing. They have excelled as a proven SEO and online marketing company which include web design, keyword optimization, link building and e-mail marketing. They have proven successes all up and down the Atlantic coast and are currently expanding their services to include the rest of the country. They have a results oriented approach, and they deal with each of the major search engines in a different way, according to each of their own unique characteristics.

By integrating mobile and online credit and debit card processing with web design and marketing, a new and powerful service develops that can sell, collect payment, update information, and personalize information for sales leads and market research.

Arizona has always been a state where merchants do well. Businesses here will benefit from the latest technology in mobile marketing Wi Fi Applications and internet marketing that MSSEO offers.

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